The Reading Quest!

Hello fellow readers! This is incredibly last minute considering it’s currently 10:55 pm on August 12th where I live and this reading challenge starts tomorrow, but I’ve decided to participate in #TheReadingQuest put on by Read at Midnight (find her blog in the link below). It’s a reading challenge based on prompts that are set on a bingo board and you must choose a character and follow their path. It goes from August 13th to September 10th and sounds like a ton of fun! Now, this kind of messes up my original TBR for this month but I’ve decided to change it up to accommodate this challenge.

I’ve chosen the Mage as my first character and here are my prompts and the books I have chosen!

A Book with a One-Word Title: Graceling by by Kristin Cashore

A Book that Contains Magic: The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray

A Book Based on Mythology: The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

A Book set in a Different World: Rebel Spring by Morgan Rhodes

The First Book of a Series: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard


So there are my books! There are also some extra challenges that I will be checking out once I’m done these books. I’ll be updating you on my progress on the challenge throughout the next couple of weeks and if you’re interested in joining, here is the link to the sign up page.

#TheReadingQuest Sign Up


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